Songs About Denver

Songs About Denver

Several performs have created music about Songs About Denver. Here are 19 of the best ones.

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

From the album, The John Denver Collection, Vol 1: Take Me Home Country Roads, released on June 17, 1997

Take Me Home, Country Roads was released in 1971 as a single from John Denver's album Poems, Prayers & Promises. The song was written by Denver, Bill Danoff, and Taffy Nivert. It became one of Denver's signature songs and was a top-ten hit in the US and UK. The song is about West Virginia, and its folk music style is influenced by the state's bluegrass and country music traditions.

Denver Ruleteamos by Javier Rosas Y Su Artillería Pesada

From the album, Denver Ruleteamos, released on July 10, 2020

"Denver Ruleteamos" is a traditional Mexican corrido song by Javier Rosas Y Su Artillería Pesada. The song was released as part of the group's 2010 album, Trece Razones. The song is about the life of a group of immigrants in Denver, Colorado who are trying to make a living by doing odd jobs. The song paints a vivid picture of the hardships they face and their determination to make the best of their situation. The song also touches on themes of immigration, freedom, and love in the face of adversity. The production for the song was done by Fidel Hernández, who is known for his work in producing traditional Mexican music. The song features a mix of traditional Mexican instruments including accordion, guitar, and violin. The vocal performance is gritty and passionate.

O.D.'d In Denver by Hank Williams, Jr.

From the album, Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound, released in 1979

Left For Denver by The Lumineers

From the album, III, released on September 13, 2019

Te Quise by EL ENVIADO

From the album, Te Quise, released on October 19, 2018

Denver In The Sky by Oden & Fatzo

From the album, Denver In The Sky, released on July 23, 2021

Denver by Willie Nelson

From the album, Red Headed Stranger, released on May 1, 1975

Denver the Last Dinosaur - Main Title by Dale Schacker

From the album, Denver the Last Dinosaur: Original Series Soundtrack, released on September 18, 2012

Denver Girls by Gill Landry

From the album, Love Rides A Dark Horse, released on October 6, 2017

Denver by Darlingside

From the album, Fish Pond Fish, released on October 9, 2020

Denver Haircut by The Hold Steady

From the album, Thrashing Thru The Passion, released on August 16, 2019

Broncos Anthem (Denver Broncos) by Hot Stadium

From the album, Hot Stadium Anthems (feat. The Stadium Players), released on April 25, 2013

Denver by Royce DeZorzi

From the album, Denver, released on June 10, 2022

We'll Die Doing What We Love by Denver Meatpacking Company

From the album, Here (Spotify edition), released on June 3, 2022

Denver by Kim Clement

From the album, Sweet Moments, released on March 21, 2014

The Denver Broncos vs. The Denver Broncos by Spraynard

From the album, Funtitled, released on April 12, 2011

Denver by Prezy Ginger

From the album, The Rules, released on June 23, 2022

Denver (feat. XNDR, Buddy Leezle, Tha Riva, The Kid Due) by Flamingosis

From the album, The Glitch Tape, released on April 20, 2014

Denver by Mike Mains & The Branches

From the album, When We Were in Love (Deluxe Edition), released on November 15, 2019


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