Songs About Friendship

Songs About Friendship

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Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship) by Studio Killers

From the album, Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship), released on December 4, 2020

"Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship)" is a song by electro-pop group Studio Killers. The song was released in 2015 as the lead single from their debut album, Ode To The Bouncer. It features lead vocals from the group's animated frontwoman, Cherry. The track is a blend of upbeat dance-pop and melancholic lyrics. It tells the story of a narrator who has developed feelings for her best friend, Jenny, and is struggling to decide whether to act on her feelings or keep their relationship platonic. Production of the track was handled by Studio Killers and producer Tom-E. Instrumentation includes synths, electronic drums and electric guitar. The song has been praised for its catchy chorus and unique production style.

Friendships by Pascal Letoublon

From the album, Friendships, released on September 5, 2017

"Friendships" is a 2019 song by French DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Pascal Letoublon. It was released on October 17, 2019, through the independent record label Lowly. The song is an upbeat, pop-inspired track centered around the idea of friendship, and the importance of having people to lean on in life. It features a catchy, uplifting chorus, as well as a catchy bassline and a driving beat. Pascal Letoublon showcases his production skills, blending an indie-pop aesthetic with modern electronic music. The song was written and produced by Letoublon, with additional production from French producer and mixer Pierre-Emmanuel Lecot. It was mixed and mastered by Pierre-Emmanuel Lecot and released to digital streaming services on October 17, 2019.

Fuck Up The Friendship by Leah Kate

From the album, What Just Happened?, released on October 1, 2021

The Feel Good Drag by Anberlin

From the album, Never Take Friendship Personal, released on January 1, 2005

Friendship by Chris Stapleton

From the album, From A Room: Volume 2, released on December 1, 2017

Forbidden Friendship by John Powell

From the album, How To Train Your Dragon (Music From The Motion Picture), released on January 1, 2010

Seven Spanish Angels (with Ray Charles) by Willie Nelson

From the album, Friendship, released in 1984

Friendship Of The Gebora by Lost Rainbow

From the album, Friendship Of The Gebora, released on February 22, 2021

Friendship by Tibby Andrewson

From the album, Friendship, released on August 9, 2021

Friendship (with Mavis Staples) [From “Norah Jones is Playing Along” Podcast] by Norah Jones

From the album, Friendship (with Mavis Staples) [From “Norah Jones is Playing Along” Podcast], released on May 19, 2022

friendship? by Jordy Searcy

From the album, Love? Songs, released on July 13, 2021

friendship by carwash

From the album, soap water, released on September 17, 2021

Friendship by Toby Fox

From the album, DELTARUNE Chapter 1 (Original Game Soundtrack), released on November 1, 2018

Friendship by Alan Wesley

From the album, Friendship, released on May 16, 2021

friendship by kyu

From the album, friendship, released on September 21, 2022

Friendship Song by Barney

From the album, Barney's Greatest Hits: The Early Years, released on January 1, 2000

Friendship by Rogerio Tutti

From the album, Blur, released on March 17, 2022

Friendship by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

From the album, Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack), released on August 12, 2016

Friendship by Pops Staples

From the album, Don't Lose This, released on February 17, 2015

Friendship by Jamania

From the album, Late Night Drive, released on August 13, 2021

Friendship by Tenacious D

From the album, Tenacious D, released on September 25, 2001

Friendship by Joel Grey

From the album, Anything Goes (New Broadway Cast Recording), released on September 6, 2011

Friendship - Chip Hop Remix by Dj Cutman

From the album, Deltarune Remixes, released on February 22, 2019

Friendship (From "Deltarune") by Hyper Potions

From the album, Friendship (From "Deltarune"), released on November 10, 2018


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