Songs About Dogs

Songs About Dogs

Thinking about Songs About Dogs, there are so many performs exploring this feeling. We put together 25 of our favorites.

I Bet on Losing Dogs by Mitski

From the album, Puberty 2, released on June 17, 2016

Mitski's "I Bet on Losing Dogs" is a song about making peace with the fact that one will never be perfect. The song is produced by Patrick Hyland and features guitar, bass, and drums.

Rebel Rebel - 2016 Remaster by David Bowie

From the album, Diamond Dogs (2016 Remaster), released on May 24, 1974

"Rebel Rebel - 2016 Remaster" is a reworked and remastered version of David Bowie's 1974 hit single "Rebel Rebel". The song was produced by Bowie himself, along with Tony Visconti. The 2016 version features a new mix of the original track, as well as newly recorded guitars and vocals.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine

From the album, Lungs (Deluxe Edition), released in 2009

"Dog Days Are Over" is a song by English indie rock band Florence + The Machine. It was released as the lead single from their debut studio album Lungs (2009). The song was written by lead singer Florence Welch and produced by Paul Epworth. The song is a fast-paced, upbeat pop/rock track with a pulsating beat. The lyrics are filled with metaphorical references to a newfound joy and freedom. The chorus features the memorable chant "Happiness hit her like a train on a track / Coming towards her stuck still no turning back". The song was an instant success, peaking at number 32 on the UK Singles Chart and later reaching the top 40 in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It was also featured in a number of TV shows and movies, including the 2010 movie Eat Pray Love.

All Dogs Go to Heaven by $uicideboy$

From the album, Stop Staring At the Shadows, released on February 14, 2020

"All Dogs Go to Heaven" is a single from the $uicideboy$ album G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S. (G*59 Records, 2019). The song was produced by Budd Dwyer and features guest production from $crim. The track is a melancholic, atmospheric rap song about death, loss and depression. The duo explore the idea of what happens after we die and how we can go to Heaven if all dogs go there when their lives on earth come to an end. The production is dark and haunting, with booming 808 drums, eerie synths and a melancholic vocal sample. "All Dogs Go to Heaven" is an emotionally charged song that highlights the struggles of life and the desire to find comfort in death.

Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel

From the album, Reservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released on January 1, 2009

"Stuck In The Middle With You" is a 1972 song by the British rock group Stealers Wheel. It was written by band members Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty, and produced by Leon Russell. The song peaked at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart, and number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Musically, the song is a folk-rock anthem, featuring a strong rhythm guitar line, electric guitar solos, and a catchy chorus. Lyrically, "Stuck In The Middle With You" is a narrative that follows a protagonist as they try to escape from a difficult situation. The song has been featured in numerous films, including Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

From the album, Who Let The Dogs Out, released in 2000

Disco Man by Remi Wolf

From the album, I'm Allergic To Dogs!, released on June 24, 2020

I'll Name the Dogs by Blake Shelton

From the album, Texoma Shore, released on November 3, 2017

Dogs by Pink Floyd

From the album, Animals, released on January 23, 1977

Dogs of War by Blues Saraceno

From the album, Dark Country 3, released on May 6, 2014

Dogs Out by Cooliecut

From the album, Dogs Out, released on April 7, 2021

My Wife & 2 Dogs by Quinn XCII

From the album, Change of Scenery II, released on March 5, 2021

Dogs Of Chernobyl by Megadeth

From the album, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!, released on September 2, 2022

Dogs Eating Dogs by blink-182

From the album, Dogs Eating Dogs, released on December 18, 2012

dogs by Nouns

From the album, still bummed, released on March 1, 2013

Dogsong by Toby Fox

From the album, UNDERTALE Soundtrack, released on September 15, 2015

Dogs by Magic Sugar Coffee

From the album, Dogs, released on February 12, 2021

Dogs For Life by DMX

From the album, Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood, released on December 22, 1998

Dog Barking Indoors by Digiffects Sound Effects Library

From the album, Pet Sound Effects, released on February 27, 2016

The Dogs by Justin Wells

From the album, Dawn in the Distance, released on August 5, 2016

Dogs by Abhi The Nomad

From the album, Marbled, released on February 9, 2018

Dogs by sports.

From the album, We'll Get to It Eventually + Other Rarities, released on August 15, 2016

The Dogs by Slaughter Beach, Dog

From the album, Safe And Also No Fear, released on August 2, 2019

Crack Rock by The Dogs

From the album, The Dogs, released on November 1, 2008

Howling - Dog Howls by Sounds Dogs Love

From the album, 10 Sounds Dogs Love To Hear The Most, released on July 31, 2021


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