Songs About Being A Second Choice

Songs About Being A Second Choice

Thinking about Songs About Being A Second Choice, there is no limit to the artists who explored this idea. We gathered 25 of our favorites.

Second Chances by Gregory Alan Isakov

From the album, The Weatherman, released on July 9, 2013

Second Chance by Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

From the album, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Original Soundtrack/Season 2), released on July 30, 2021

Second Chances. (ft. 6LACK) by Kiana Ledé

From the album, KIKI, released on April 3, 2020

Second Chance by Peter Bjorn and John

From the album, Gimme Some, released on March 28, 2011

Distracted by Honey Revenge

From the album, Distracted, released on June 24, 2022

2nd Childhood by Nas

From the album, Stillmatic, released on December 18, 2001

Second Chances Aren't for Everyone Huh? by KAMAARA

From the album, Next Time You See Me I'll Be Dead on Your Doorstep ||, released on June 29, 2018

Second Chances by Imagine Dragons

From the album, Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe), released on October 30, 2015

Second Chance by Johnny 2 Phones

From the album, Second Chance, released on December 21, 2020

Second Chance by 49 Winchester

From the album, Fortune Favors the Bold, released on May 13, 2022

Second Boys Will Be First Choice (Radio Version) by The Brobecks

From the album, Violent Things, released on April 25, 2009

A Second Chance by Silver Maple

From the album, Diaphanous Dreamcoat, released on June 9, 2016

Second Chance by Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir

From the album, Nothing But The Hits: Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, released on July 10, 2003

Second Chances by Jenna Marquis

From the album, Second Chances, released on March 4, 2022

Second Chances by Sink The Ship

From the album, Persevere, released on April 27, 2018

Vintage Eyes by The Second Coming

From the album, Second Coming, released on January 1, 1998

Second Chance by Faber Drive

From the album, Seven Second Surgery, released on January 1, 2007

Second Choice (Freestyle) by Anyta

From the album, Second Choice (Freestyle), released on November 3, 2021

2nd Chance by Beeda Weeda

From the album, Mob God, released on April 3, 2020

Hope, Pt. 1 by Bamzery

From the album, SICK IN THE HEAD, released on September 16, 2022

Darkest Day by The Great Discord

From the album, The Rabbit Hole, released on September 8, 2017

Second Choice by Any Trouble

From the album, Where Are All The Nice Girls, released on June 1, 1980

Second Choice by Fahjah

From the album, Second Choice, released on October 21, 2022

Second Choice by Cafe Music BGM channel

From the album, Snow Jazz, released on February 6, 2019

Second Choice by Breezy

From the album, Second Choice, released on June 16, 2019


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