Songs About A Love Affair

Songs About A Love Affair

Ever listen to these Songs About A Love Affair? We guarantee you'll find some new tunes. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Run This Town by JAY-Z

From the album, The Blueprint 3, released on September 8, 2009

"Run This Town" is a song by hip hop artists JAY-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West. It was released on September 11, 2009, as the lead single from Jay-Z's 11th studio album, The Blueprint 3. The song features a heavy bass line and synth riffs. The song's lyrics detail the artists' aspirations to gain control of New York City. "Run This Town" was a commercial success, peaking at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the UK Singles Chart. The song received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its production and others criticizing its lyrics.

Take A Chance On Me by ABBA

From the album, The Album, released in 1977

"Take A Chance On Me" is a song by Swedish pop group ABBA. It was released as the second single from their fifth studio album, ABBA: The Album, in January 1978. The song was written by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson, and produced by Andersson and Ulvaeus. The song is a mid-tempo track with a disco feel. The lyrics are about a relationship that is on the rocks, and the narrator is pleading with their partner to "take a chance" and give them another chance. The song was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 in several countries, including the UK, US, Australia and Canada. In the US, it peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

If You Don't Know Me by Now - 2008 Remaster by Simply Red

From the album, A New Flame (Expanded Version), released in 1989

"If You Don't Know Me by Now - 2008 Remaster" is a remastered version of the hit 1989 single by British soul group Simply Red. Written by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, the song is about a man asking his lover to accept him for who he is, despite all of his flaws. The song has a slow, soulful feel, featuring a piano and saxophone solo, along with the band's signature smooth vocal harmonies. The production was handled by the band's frontman, Mick Hucknall, and arranger/engineer Stewart Levine. It was released as the first single from their 1989 album A New Flame. The song was a major success, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number two in the UK Singles Chart.

Love Affair by UMI

From the album, Love Language, released on October 30, 2019

"Love Affair" is a song by American singer-songwriter UMI, released on June 5, 2020. It was written by UMI and produced by Hollywood JB and Duy Dang. The song is a mid-tempo R&B single about a passionate love affair that she is involved in. The production consists of an airy, dreamy instrumental of atmospheric synths, mellow guitar, and soothing percussion. UMI's vocals are soulful and emotive, and she uses her unique vocal delivery to express the highs and lows of the relationship.

Happy Music by Supershy

From the album, Happy Music / Something on My Mind, released on April 8, 2022

Everlasting Love by Love Affair

From the album, The Everlasting Love Affair, released on March 4, 1968

Fortunate by Maxwell

From the album, Fortunate, released on March 3, 1999

Why Did It Have To Be Me? by Josh Dylan

From the album, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released on July 13, 2018

If You Don't Know Me by Now (feat. Teddy Pendergrass) by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

From the album, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (feat. Teddy Pendergrass), released on January 1, 1972

Love In An Elevator - Single Version by Aerosmith

From the album, Big Ones, released on January 1, 1994

テレフォン・ナンバー by Junko Ohashi

From the album, TOKYO - CITY POP -, released on June 1, 2021

Temperature Rising by Tory Lanez

From the album, Temperature Rising, released on May 15, 2020

I Just Died by Amerie

From the album, All I Have, released on July 30, 2002

Love Affair by Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival

From the album, You, released on November 21, 2012

The End Of A Love Affair by Cedar Wright

From the album, The End Of A Love Affair, released on July 27, 2021

The End Of A Love Affair by Eric Rowland

From the album, Soon, released on December 13, 2019

The End of a Love Affair - Mono Take 4 with Vocal Overdub Take 8 by Billie Holiday

From the album, Lady In Satin, released in 1958

An Affair To Remember by Nat King Cole

From the album, The Unforgettable Nat King Cole Sings The Great Songs, released on January 1, 1966

The End Of A Love Affair by Iris Dauphin

From the album, The End Of A Love Affair, released on May 6, 2022

The End Of A Love Affair by Wes Montgomery Trio

From the album, The Wes Montgomery Trio, released on January 1, 1987

Love Affair by Toni Braxton

From the album, Toni Braxton, released on July 13, 1993

Love Affair by Pepper

From the album, In With The Old, released on February 17, 2004

The End Of A Love Affair by Wynton Marsalis

From the album, Standard Time Vol. 2: Intimacy Calling, released on March 26, 1991

Love Affair by Lil Twist

From the album, Love Affair, released on January 1, 2011

ONLY A LOVE AFFAIR by Hiroshi Sato

From the album, Awakening, released in 1982


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