Songs About A Girl Liking A Boy

Songs About A Girl Liking A Boy

Several musicians have written about Songs About A Girl Liking A Boy. Here are 25 of the top ones.

She Likes Girls by Dexter and The Moonrocks

From the album, She Likes Girls, released on August 25, 2022

Girls Like You by Mannymore

From the album, Girls Like You, released on March 18, 2022

Girl Like You by Clara

From the album, Growing Up Sucks, released on March 27, 2020

Girl Like That by Every Avenue

From the album, Picture Perfect, released on November 3, 2009

A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard by jeremy messersmith

From the album, The Reluctant Graveyard, released on May 4, 2010

GirlLikeYou<3 by Lil Suave

From the album, The Suave Tape Vol.2: Wasted Times, released on April 20, 2022

A Girl Like Me by gugudan

From the album, Act.2 Narcissus, released on February 27, 2017

When a Girl Likes a Boy by Haschak Sisters

From the album, When a Girl Likes a Boy, released on July 6, 2017

she likes me but i dont like her back. by halberd

From the album, b4u., released on November 15, 2017

Girls Who Like Boys by Ali Story

From the album, House Music 2022, released on November 12, 2021

The Girl Likes That Boy Likes Me by Harlan Mackintosh

From the album, Precipitation, released on October 16, 2022

How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? by Brendan Lukens

From the album, Dude: The Love Of Your Life Has Some Serious Issues, released on January 1, 2012

A Girl Like You by Kate Boy

From the album, A Girl Like You, released on February 19, 2015

Girls Like Girls - Oski Remix by Hayley Kiyoko

From the album, Girls Like Girls (Remixes), released on December 11, 2015

A Girl Like Emmylou by Southern Pacific

From the album, Killbilly Hill, released in 1986

Girl Loves Me by Finom

From the album, Girl Loves Me b/w Some Kind of Calm, released on June 4, 2021

Girl Like Her by RL

From the album, Girl Like Her, released in 2008

A Girl Like You - 7" Mix by The Wolfgang Press

From the album, Everything Is Beautiful / A Retrospective 1983-1995, released on October 1, 2001

The Girl Likes Lofi by LoFi Jazz

From the album, The Best Lofi Jazz Music, released on August 6, 2021

ASMR Sexy Licking Noises by Sexy Girl Licking ASMR

From the album, Hot Licking ASMR For Sleep, released on October 9, 2022

Girls Like by AR

From the album, Welcome To The Show (Scene 3), released on August 12, 2022

Girl Like This by Jon Paiano

From the album, Isn't She Beautiful, released on December 28, 2018

Lovin' A Girl Like You (Could Be Bad For My Health) by Danger Danger

From the album, Rare Cuts, released on April 1, 2003

Girl Like Her by N8NOFACE

From the album, True Story, released on August 7, 2018

A Girl Like That by Nelson

From the album, Life, released on June 21, 1999


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