Songs About Love

The cheesy tingling feelings that we all are so captivated by when we were just teenager. The crazy random smile that lights up a moody frowny face. Parents called it “puppy love” and insignificant but we all are in one way or the other, a victim of love. It is crazy how that one person can mean so much to you. You would try to become a better version of you just to impress them, do anything you can do to make them like you more. The one person that leaves you in awe, leaving you breathless and insanely happy, the only one you feel safe with, the one person you would like to spend the rest of your life with. Your Safe Haven. And no matter how bad and shitty your day gets, that one special person can always be the best medicine to lighten up the spirit and make it all better. As cheesy and corny as it gets.

It may seem crazy to other, but no amount of lectures and advices can stand in the way of your love life. Well, that’s how crazy love is. All the corny promises you make to impress them; to travel across the, or across the ocean just to what? Impress them! That’s crazy. But that’s how infatuated one can get when that little cupid’s arrow hit them right to the chest. Damn you, stupid cupid!

Sometimes it is amazing how anyone can be a total Shakespeare when he or she is really in love. Love letters, poems, songs, lyrics…………… the list goes on. There are numerous love songs that will be a right fit to every stages of your love life. Right from the “crush phase” to the “he/cheated on me phase”. And love songs is one of the best way to express feelings that cannot be expressed directly to that person you’ve been crushing on or too afraid to actually say it out loud. Artists from every generation knows exactly what we all are feeling and have always been life savers.
And here I am trying to make life easier and more meaningful with all these beautiful songs that are beautifully written and melodiously tuned to warm a broken heart and to light up a gloomy day. And here are the Top 20 love songs of all times.

20. “Something” Beatles

Simple yet great, this is an all out declaration of love. The best thing about this song is its realness that becomes more compelling with every listen no matter how old the song is, it will always be one of the best love songs ever written.

19.”I Just can’t Stop Loving you” Michael Jackson

Romantically filled with emotions, Michael’s tremendous voice will definitely bring you in tears with every word in the song. A gentle and soothing melody that would calm and give you great relief.

18. “God Only Knows” The Beach Bays

You will thank Brian Wilsons for his genius after hearing this beautiful song. Probably one of the best love songs ever written that will live on forever. Numerous covers from numerous artists but the special of the song will always remain the same.

17. “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion

Titanic yup! That is the first thing the pops right into your head. A masterpiece that will move you off your seat with her haunting, beautiful voice, Charming and soothing melody.

16. “The one” Kodaline

The one right here will make you feel things beautiful, happy things. A song worthy of true love’s appreciation, if you haven’t heard of “THE ONE” make sure not to, in the future because you sure will not regret it.

15. “Everything I Do” Bryan Adams

One of the best love songs ever sung. It shows how strong love can be and you would do anything for that one special person. It is the song about commitment and honesty.

14.”With You”: Christ Brown

One of the best Christ Brown’s play that had deep and meaningful lyrics that will take you closer to your love one.

13. “Just The Way You Are” Bruno Mars

If you ever fail to acknowledge and appreciate your love one, this song is the best solution to make you realize how lucky you are and how amazing you are.

12. “Bed Of Roses” Bon Jovi

Beautifully and well written that will move you. A song so heart felt that will make you addicted to it. You won’t stop singing along to it.

11. “Halo” Beyonce

This masterpiece will make you feel like being surrounded by a lovely tone. BEYONCE angelic voice will take you to a new placed filled with warmth and safety. For sure!

10. “A Thousand Years” Christina Peri

A vocal so captivating that truly Embodies love. You can feel emotions listening to every single word in the lyrics.

9. “When I Look At You” Miley Cyrus

A song that can be dedicated to your love ones to tell them how beautiful and amazing they are. A powerful ballad amazingly written and well sung.

8. “From This Moment” Shania Twain

A song that never fails to be played in almost every wedding ceremonies. It shows how wonderful love is.

7. “Hero” Enrique Iglesias

This song needs no description because it is one of the best love songs ever written. The songs that will bring you closer to your lover no matter how many obstacles come in between.

6. “Unconditionally” Katy Perry

Katy’s beautiful and calming voice together with a wonderful lyric will make you want to fall in love all over again.

5. “Love Me Like You Do” Ellie Goulding

A song well written that expressed deep desires and emotion.

4. “One Call Away” Charlie Puth

Who needs superman and super heroes to save you when you have your loved ones besides you? That is what this song is all about.

3. “Make You Feel My Love” Adele

Adele’s haunting voice is the best thing that can make everything better from you

2. “Thinking Of You” Ed Sheeran

A heat felt melody that will move in tears, tears of Joy and gratitude for being in love. A song that shall lives forever.

1. “All Of Me” John Legend

A well written song performed with great enthusiasm and passion by the one and only Mr. Legend. A masterpiece that shows what true love really is. To love someone with all their flows.