Songs About Friendship

Because we’re social animals, we all have friends. And friendship isn’t really complete without a song. Every once in a while, you may want to dedicate a song to your friends. In this post, we bring to you the best songs about friendship.

This post will be constantly updated. Your suggestions and favorite friendship songs will be highly appreciated; do leave them in the comments.

20 Songs About Friendship

1. Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

Released in 2001, Graduation is one of the most loved songs of the 2000s. It talks of high school and the friendship established there in. This song received quite a number of recognition from various awards and shows. It was even listed among the Billboard hot 100 in 2000. Take a look at the lyrics:

“As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together. And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be Friends Forever”

Vitamin C is an American pop singer who has won a number of awards. Vitamin C is her stagename, her good name is Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick. She was born on July 20, 1969. She was ranked 76 on the Maxim hot 100 of 2001.

2. Count on me by Bruno Mars

Count on me is a song very commonly dedicated to friends on special occasions like Friendship Day. This song talks about how friends could rely on each other and how one should be there for each other.
This song sung by Bruno Mars is from his debut album released in 2010. He performed this song in a number of television shows. The main theme of this song is about friendship and how one could leave the other stuffs for friendship. Here’s a couple of lines from the lyrics:
“You can count on me like 1, 2, 3 I’ll be there and I know when I need it I can count on you like 4, 3, 2 And you’ll be there ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah”

Bruno Mars is a very famous singer songwriter was born on October 8 1985. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He graduated from High School and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music which was has always been his first love. Mars has received many awards and nominations, including four Grammy Awards, and was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2011. In December 2013, he ranked number one on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. He is accompanied by his band, The Hooligans, who play a variety of instruments such as electric guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums and horns, and also serve as backup singers and dancers. Mars performs in a wide range of musical styles.

3. We’re going to be friends by White Stripes
We’re going to be friends is just another promotional single by The White Stripes. This single was released in 2002. This song talks about friendship in very different angle. It talks about how we get to school and make new friends in a new school or a new class. This song mainly focused on the childhood and about the friends and buddies in School. This song will surely bring back childhood and school memories and the friends made during school.
Here’s a few lines of the lyrics:
“Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed when silly thoughts go through my head about the bugs and alphabet and when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet that you and I will walk together again I can tell that we are gonna be friends”

The White Stripes so called we’re an American Rock duo formed at Michigan in the year 1997. The duo consisted of Jack White and Meg White. Both of them are so talented in music. Jack plays songwriter, vocals, guitar, piano, and mandolin while Meg plays the drums and piano. They also covered a large amount of genres: Blues rock, garage rock, alternative rock, punk, blues, post-punk revival, garage punk. The duo have performed at very big events and held big concerts as well.