Songs About The 1960S

Songs About The 1960S

Ever listen to these Songs About The 1960S? We know for sure you'll find some new tunes. Here are 20 of our favorites.

I've Got The World On A String - Remastered 2000 by Frank Sinatra

From the album, Classic Sinatra - His Great Performances 1953-1960, released on January 1, 2000

Heart Full of Love by The Invincibles

From the album, Best of Loma Records-Rise and Fall of a 1960's Soul Label, released in 1995

I've Got My Mind Set On You by James Ray

From the album, Caprice! The Story Behind Gerry Granahan's Caprice Label 1960 - 1963, released on June 30, 2007

Woo Hoo by The's

From the album, Bomb the Twist, released in 1996

The 6 6 9 by InVisions

From the album, Deadlock, released on February 11, 2022

Gee Whiz, It's Christmas by Carla Thomas

From the album, Let Me Be Good to You: The Atlantic & Stax Recordings (1960-1968), released on December 11, 2020

Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Curtis Lee

From the album, Pop Megahits Of The 1960's - Volume 10, released in 2005

So What - Live at Kurhaus, Den Haag, Holland - April 1960 by Miles Davis

From the album, Kind Of Blue (Legacy Edition), released on August 17, 1959

Final Call for the 1930s by Jazzaphonics

From the album, Jazz Club, released on March 1, 2022

String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 110: II. Allegro molto - Live by Dmitri Shostakovich

From the album, Shostakovich: The String Quartets, released on January 1, 2000

Welcome to the 60's by Maddie Baillio

From the album, Hairspray LIVE! Original Soundtrack of the NBC Television Event, released on December 2, 2016

All Night Long - Live On The Ed Sullivan Show, June 5, 1960 by Louis Prima

From the album, All Night Long (Live On The Ed Sullivan Show, June 5, 1960), released on August 5, 2022

Half Forgotten Daydreams by John Cameron

From the album, Sounds of the 60's & 70's - 2, released on May 13, 1997

Little Darlin' by The Diamonds

From the album, Hits of the 50's & 60's, released on March 11, 2014

Charlie Chester Show by Alan Moorhouse

From the album, The Sixties, released on May 22, 1993

Living In The 1980's by TKA

From the album, Living In The 1980's, released on September 23, 2022

The 1980's Kidnapping Hoax by Gary Gulman

From the album, The Great Depresh, released on May 15, 2020

Jazz of the 1940s by Coffee House Instrumental Jazz Playlist

From the album, Coffee House Bebop Background Music, released on July 16, 2019

The Sixties by Alease Faux

From the album, The Sixties, released on November 12, 2018

The 60s by Bong Lebowski

From the album, Cobweb of Code, released on August 30, 2020


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