Songs About Originality

Songs About Originality

Have you heard these Songs About Originality? We guarantee you'll find some new tunes. Here are 24 of our favorites.

Origin by SKYYZ

From the album, Pillars Of Creation, released on July 23, 2021


From the album, ORIGINS, released on September 30, 2022

Origin by Far Out

From the album, Origin, released on September 21, 2018

Origin by ANIZYZ

From the album, Origin, released on October 24, 2022

Origin by RNSNE

From the album, Origin, released on August 1, 2022

Mr. Originality by Simplu

From the album, Oficial Imi Merge Bine, released on August 9, 2006

Promise of Spring by Joey Alexander

From the album, Origin, released on May 20, 2022

Originality by Thievery Corporation

From the album, Versions, released on May 1, 2006

Origin by Omori

From the album, Omori (Original Game Soundtrack), Pt. 2, released on December 25, 2020

Origin by Makzo

From the album, Origin, released on November 14, 2022

The Originators by Jaz-O

From the album, To Your Soul, released on January 1, 1990

Origin by JayKode

From the album, Origin, released on January 22, 2016


From the album, ORIGIN, released on November 24, 2021

Street of Originality by Grapper Griffin

From the album, Street of Originality, released on January 20, 2022

Originality - Interlude by Eason Chan

From the album, L.O.V.E., released on December 12, 2018

Originality_Undone by Cieyuh

From the album, Originality_Undone, released on July 29, 2022

Stay Ready (feat. Young Scooter) by HD

From the album, The O.N.E. (Originality Nothin' Else), released on September 30, 2016

Originality - Remix by Nikotina

From the album, Nikotina, released on January 27, 2019

Originality in Landscape by Andrew Prahlow

From the album, Holden On (Original Motion Picture Score), released on April 27, 2020

The Origins - Original Mix by rAin (MU)

From the album, The Origins, released on October 8, 2021

ORIGINATE - Bonus Track by ORIGIN8

From the album, ORIGINATE (Bonus Track), released on July 9, 2022

Originality by Scufs

From the album, nah I'm fine, released on September 30, 2022

Originalityless by Kakeru Yumeoi

From the album, Live in the Empty Dream, released on July 19, 2021

Spun Around by Disabled Originality

From the album, Choose Right, released on October 7, 2022


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