Country Songs About Michigan

Country Songs About Michigan

Dozens of singers have written about Country Songs About Michigan. Here are 18 of the best ones.

Michigan by 49 Winchester

From the album, 49 Winchester, released on April 25, 2014

Michigan by Autumn Andersen

From the album, Michigan, released on August 25, 2018

Michigan 7 by Kirill Richter

From the album, CHRONOS, released on April 25, 2019

Michigan State Fight Song (Michigan State Spartans) by Alumni Marching Band

From the album, Big Ten Fight Songs: College Sports, released on September 2, 2016

Theme from "Michigan State'' - Falcone Fight by Soundmachine

From the album, Ultimate Backing Tracks: Sports On Tv, released on February 5, 2013

Michigan by John Linnell

From the album, State Songs (Expanded Edition), released on October 26, 1999

Michigan by Eric Michael Krop

From the album, I Could Use a Drink: The Songs of Drew Gasparini, released on April 19, 2013

Michigan Christmas by Brian D'Arcy James

From the album, From Christmas Eve to Christmas Morn, released on January 1, 2004

Michigan Mentality by Michael Kosta

From the album, Comedy for Attractive People, released on November 21, 2014

Michigan State University Fight Song by Michigan State University

From the album, College Football Fight Songs, released on December 14, 2010

Michigan, 1997 by Dolly Valentine

From the album, How To Be Good, released on August 21, 2020

Michigan by Amaranthine

From the album, Limitless Lake (Ambient Musical Textures for Sleep, Relaxation and Contemplation), released on February 25, 2019

Michigan, My Michigan by Jeff Daniels

From the album, Live and Unplugged To Benefit The Purple Rose Theatre, released on January 1, 2004

Michigan by Josh Rouse

From the album, The Smooth Sounds Of Josh Rouse, released on June 29, 2004

Michigan People by Drew Alkema

From the album, Thank You, released on August 11, 2015

Michigan by Hello Dave

From the album, Perfect Day, released on April 18, 2006

Prettier in Michigan by Jake Dodds

From the album, Prettier in Michigan, released on March 9, 2021

Michigan Memories by 1980Crazy

From the album, Electric Midnight, released on December 17, 2021


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