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20 Songs To Motivate And Inspire You

As human beings, i’m sure we all have one of those days where you just feel like giving up. Maybe someone treated you badly, or everyone is against you and your ideas that leaves you completely unmotivated to start a new day with excitement and smiles. Maybe your friends aren’t exactly what you thought they would be talking behind your backs, betrayal and dishonesty. It is not unusual to have this bad days and as humans, we all have to experience it one way or the other. However, the amount or the intensity of hardship one face might differ and it is true that you might be treated worse than others but let me assure you, there will come a day when all these difficulties, the aches, the hardships would just be a part of history that will be and everything will eventually fall into place.

It is hard to argue when it comes to the fact that music is one of the best remedies for getting motivated. The best cure to heartaches and the best solution to be away from the chaos of the world. When life knocks you down, sometimes we fall, sometimes we cry, but the best thing to do is listen to some motivational words to give you strength and inspiration that you can do it and indeed, you will be alright. But, sometimes you could be all alone without any comfort from friends or family. Times like this, music always seems to be that close friend that will always have your back and give you the right motivation you need. People with anxieties and depressions sure knows the power of music and it is true that music is indeed the best remedies in times like these.

Now, that you come across this article/blog, I hope it gives you what your looking for; either to motivate yourself or for someone that you care about. Worry not, because you have come to the right place that will motivate and inspire you no matter how shitty your day was, or how bad you think life is. Also, if ever you have someone who is struggling in life and lacks motivation, make sure you suggest these songs that have been collected and sort out to give you a wonderful day ahead. Without further a do, here are the Top 20 songs that will motivate you and inspire you to get up and rule the world.

20. “What a wonderful world” Louis Armstrong

First recorded by Louis Armstrong and released in 1967, this iconic song has been covered and sung in numerous covers and styles. No matter how old this song is, what really makes it an iconic song is its positive energy that circulates throughout the song. A perfect song to make you light up with gratitude and love and will owe to give you the perfect amount of motivation you need.

19. “Imagine” John Lennon

“Imagine” is a song written and performed by the legendary, John Lennon. The greatness about the song is the hopes and dreams that entails in every verse. Lyrics that goodness can heal the world, a world at peace without the barriers of borders or the divisions of religion and nationality. Imagine a world where everyone co-exist in peace? Image how everyone would be much happier and safes.

18.”We Are The Champion” Queen

First released on their 1977 album “News of the world” this is a song written and performed by the British rock band Queen. One of the best and most popular song by the band and one of the rock’s most recognize anthems. An anthems for victory, victory over hardships, struggle and all the bad things lifetime you feel defeated, this song is a perfect anthem to motivate your inner champion.

17.”Don’t Worry Be Happy” Bobby McFerrin

I’m sure the song’s title is quite enough to motivate you from your bad days. “Don’t worry,Be happy” is a song released and sung by “Bobby McFerrin” in 1988. Versions of this song have been recorded by several artists and have become popular due to its happy lyrics and consolation to bring joy and happiness to a sad face.

16.”Dream On” Aerosmith

A power ballad written by “Steven Tyler” and performed by “Aerosmith”, this song is a great piece that have been sung by various artists due to its motivational characteristic. A powerful lyrics that aims at bringing voice to the voiceless, strength to the weak and most importantly, to impress the population.

15. “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor

This song basically is an anthem on how to slay life and be the boss, in fact, a powerful boss in your own life. First performed by American singer Gloria Gaynar and has reminded a popular disco anthem since then. I guarantee you this song will light the fire within you and give you the power to be a survivor, a warrior fighting all adds and overcoming each and every struggles with case.

14. “It’s My Life” Bon Jovi

Every feel like being tied down, being suppressed from freedom you deserve? Do you feel like you are treated unfairly? or people take advantage of you? Well, this song right here is an anthem to motivate you to stand up for what you think is right. To take a stand from whats holding you down. written and performed by “Bon Jovi” and also the first single from his album “rush”. This song has been anthem for revolution; to rebel for a cause.

13. “Girl On Fire” Alicia Keys

Recorded and performed by American singer/songwriter, Alicia keys. This song has become one of the best motivational song since its released. With its catchy beat along the powerful vocal from the singer herself, this song is sure to give you chills and inspire not just girls but everyone to overcome any hardships and to ignite a spark to light up the dark.

12. “Don’t Stop Believing” The Journey

Believing in one’s own self is the armor one can can carry when hardships befalls. And sometimes when you feel like all hope is gone and everything seems to be fall down, just believe in yourself and that inner hero might just surprise you. Likewise, this song is a perfect motivational tool to get you head back in the game.

11. “Hero” Mariah Carey

“There’s a hero if you look inside your heart”. It is true that everyone is a hero in their own way and when trouble comes, that inner hero is the only one that can save you from it. A beautiful song written and performed by Mariah herself is the perfect inspirational song that sure will motivate you to discover that inner hero to save you from all struggle

10. “One Love” Bob Marley

A song by the legend himself, this rhythm and blues is a one track that will be known and sung in years to come. Hopeful energy and its positive vibes will surely move you in one way or another. If ever you lose hope in humanity and life in general, this is the right track to keep your hopes up.

9. “You Raise Me Up” Josh Groban

It is a known fact that this song is one of the most popular uplifting/spiritual song known. Maybe you heard it from live shows or performance, from toddlers to adults, this song has been a powerful track to move a person.

8. “Beautiful” Christina Aguilera

A song discussing inner beauty, self esteem and insecurity issues, this pop R&B track is an anthem for loving someone for who they truly are and also being comfortable on one’s own skin. So , if ever someone says otherwise, they are wrong for you are freaking beautiful and this song says it all. A powerful vocal by none other than Christina is the one thing you don’t want to miss.

7. “Perfect” Pink

A song by American recording artist Park, originally known as “F**kin’ Perfect”,is another song about acceptance and loving someone with all their flaws. People can be cruel sometimes, they judge and say things that will calm all the hate and exclude love instead. This track is a perfect inspiration.

6. “Stronger” Kelly Clarkson

A Grammy winning song by Kelly Clarkson is the perfect Pop anthem you will fall in love with. This song is about inner strength and encourages the listener to do so by not fearing and hiding. Instead, to have confidence and be a warrior in anything you do. An amazing lyrics that will surely motivate you from the first listening.

5. “Firework” Katy Perry

Katy sure knows how to inspire and motive someone. This time, it is done through her powerful track “Firework”. This song is one of the most inspiration song that is out there. Letting you fire burn and lighten up the dark inside of you.

4. “Not Afraid” Eminem

If ever you lack confidence and inspiration, worry not because Mr. Rap God is here to motivate the hell out of you. If you aren’t really a hip hop/rap fan, i ask you to look through the lyrics and i guarantee you will find what you are looking for. A motivation.

3. “The Climb” Miley Cyrus

A song by Miley Cyrus which was a commercial success because of its powerful message and amazing vocal, this song is the perfect inspirational tool to lift you up from your gloomy days and will give you hope and strength to take another step in life.

2. “Alive” Sia

With Sia’s angelic vocal comes a powerful track that will melt your struggles away from the very first listen. “Alive” is a song about standing up in the midst of struggles and troubles and it is true that everyone has those days in their lives. And this is the quickest solution to your problems.

1. “Who Says” Selena Gomez

A song about the inner beauty and insecurities and rising above them all. Selena Gomez sure knows how to instill the true warrior you really are inside of you to remember that whenever hardships may come.